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About us

Evergreen Diletail Gardens specialises in the provision of comprehensive lawn maintenance services and interior plant maintenance to the commercial and public sectors on a nationwide basis. We are located in Athlone Cape Town. Our success is due to our enthusiasm, our ability to develop strong partnerships with our clients, our thorough knowledge of the market within which we operate and our commitment to our people. Our goal is to ensure that the value of your investment appreciates through appropriate care and sustainable enhancements. We understand that first impressions count, as well as the imperative to provide a consistent, reliable service.

Our customers include a considerable number of Cape Town Households. We provide grounds maintenance services for shopping centres, office blocks, business parks, industrial estates, hospitals, superstores, show homes, schools and leisure facilities. Our team consists of seasoned professionals


Roll on Lawn

Evergreen Diletail Gardens

This is what to expect and how it is all done:

  • Preliminary site clearance – The Fantastic team will, first, clear the surface from weeds, old turf, plants, debris, rocks and stones. They can also remove any hard surfaces, such as decking, pavers and slabs.
  • Levelling – The next step includes site levelling where needed. The landscapers will add or remove soil to level any uneven patches or reduce the gradient of a slope.
  • Adding topsoil – The perfectly levelled ground will be covered with a layer of topsoil, for optimum turf roots establishment.
  • Turf laying – The specialist will lay the turf rolls, without gaps in between rolls to get that uniform lawn look.
  • Lawn edging – The landscaper will form the edges neatly to achieve an aesthetic result that fits with the rest of your garden features – flower beds, rockeries or patio.
  • Free expert advice – You will receive a free maintenance plan on when to water the lawn, how often to cut

Artficial Lawn

Evergreen Diletail Gardens also installs artificial grass  synthetic turf for landscaping applications.

perfect for those who want a mud-free and low-maintenance garden all year round and have allowed thousands of homeowners to ditch the mower and dig up their natural turf in favour of a garden that looks neat and tidy 365 days a year.

We offer a range of products that are available for home, commercial, schools and play area application.  Our artificial grass products provide a natural looking rich lush green lawn that has all the benefits of grass

Decorative Stones

Evergreen Diletail Gardens specialises in the provision of  decorative stones, cobbles and pebbles for landscape projects: polar White Pebbles 20-40mm; pea Pebbles 20-40mm; scottish Pebbles 20-40mm, 40-80mm; beach Cobbles 40-80mm; mediterranean Cobbles 50-125mm; welsh Cobbles 100-200mm. Nationwide delivery…


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